Trip on Yacht in December

29th of December, Athens

We moved in Greece because of the sun, the sea and the people’s smiles. And like all foreigners we love to gather in our own way. And so 3 days before New Year, in a wonderful, sunny day, 3 Bulgarian families headed on a trip around Athens.

Temperature of the air 22°C, of the water 16°C, a sky without any cloud, a sea smooth like olive oil (as the Greeks like to say)… How can you possibly think of Christmas trees?


Here in Athens there is a kind of people – mostly over 60 years old, which every day go to the beach for their daily dose of sun and sea bath. Let the International Health Organizations write about the health problem that came with age. Smiling, cheerful, with tanned skin, these people are away from all that.

Sea at winter

And it’s very common to see this, walking near the sea, to see some swimming hats far away, still like buoys. You look closer and you see that it’s a group of women gathered to gossip. And for those who didn’t understand I will explain – those people are experts at staying in one place in the water. You would ask how… In position “I ride a bike”. Still didn’t get it? The only way is to come here and try it. In our Bulgarian Black sea that’s impossible.

I got lost a little… But how can a person not get lost, when you walk near the sea…You work, work and then you come here and forget everything.


Because we got there early, we stopped at the cafeteria at the Marina – 5 Frappes and 2 Freddo Cappuccinos in plastic cups and also bottled water for everyone.

frape and fredocapochino


I put the little in the kangaroo and she flailed happily her legs and arms. Tea was only 5 months old and she was an integral part of the group. On the yacht she’s like a child’s toy, we were passing her from one to another and she was the happiest person on earth.


I like to observe how we sneak in – between the silent yachts.



After a few minutes the horizon showed up in front of us. Here they are – Piraeus, Salamina, Aigina. Over there are the suburbs of the city – Alimos, Voula, Vouliagmeni, revealing one after another in front of us.

cafeteria in Glifada

We chose to the small deserted island Idrousa, opposite to Voula.


In the hot season it’s the favourite destination of the people with small yachts, looking for privacy. Now I understand why. The water is crystal clear. The bottom is 3 meters deep, but it looks as if you reach you could touch it. Athens looks so big from this here. We sliced some appetizer and opened a bottle of wine. Then somebody offered to swim. I didn’t go (“but I did” – the translator). Somehow, I preferred laying under the sun on the deck and lazily look at the stuff happening around me.


I could hear the boys shouting and laughing. It’s easy to say “I’m gonna jump!” but it’s hard to do it. After a few more jumps they swam around the yacht.

What more can I say? Nice company, good weather, good wine, few chatty women and men who try to prove their manliness in the water. Afterwards there was more coffee and laugh. The catamaran was sliding on the smooth sea surface.


A walk on the coastline alley while we were waiting for the sunset.


One untypical day of the Christmas Holidays.

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