1. Choose yachts from our site or send a request for others and point out what type and price you desire.
  2. In your request you need to point out the period in which you desire to sail.
  3. We will send you few offers.
  4. When you choose the exact boat and period of your vacation, we will send you a contract. With a confirmation from your side, we will reserve the yacht for 3 working days. In that period, you will have to sign the contract and pay 50% of the amount, which is listed in the contract. If you don’t do the bank transaction in the period of waiting time, we will consider your reservation canceled. The other part of the sum needs to be paid until the 45th day before the charter.
  5. If you rent a yacht without a skipper, one of your crew needs to sailing certificates proving his competence. When you accept the reservation you need to send a copy of that license. The original must be shown at the check-in.
  6. In the price of renting a yacht is included certain equipment, listed for every model separately.
  7. Some of the yachts have extras like a skipper, a cook/chef, hostess, final cleaning, transfer, fuel and etc. which are not included in the price. They have to be chosen and confirmed in the moment of confirming the reservation.
  8. In one week until the charter you have to send a list of the crew/guests and also the expected time of arrival at the yacht base.
  9. Extras which you have ordered in advance and also the deposit are paid in cash or with a credit card before the departure.
  10. With requests in advance, food can be delivered on board.

In case you choose to cancel a charter, for whatever reason, you will be charged depending on the date of charter and the date of declination:

  • More than 90 days before the date of your sail – 250 euro tax;
  • Between 90-60 days before the date of your sail – 25% of the price listed in the contract;
  • Between 60-30 days before the date of your sail – 50% of the price listed in the contract;
  • Between 30-0 days before the date of your sail – 100% of the price listed in the contract;

To rent a yacht without a skipper, one of your crewmembers must have a certificate/license proving their competence. This certificate may be any kind of document issued by a sailing club, sailing school, sailing association, established charter companies and etc.

If none of the crewmembers has a license to be a skipper, you must rent a professional one.

The deposit is given when you arrive at the check-in and is recovered/refunded when you check-out. It‘s price is listed in the price list of each model separately. You can pay in cash or with card.

In the end of the charter a check of the yacht is done. In case of any damage or loses done by the crew, the equivalent amount for the repair/order of the new part will be deducted from the deposit.

Saturday at 17:00/5PM

Upon arrival you must show an original document for the charter – a voucher with all the needed data, personal documents and the skipper license (if it’s going to be one of the crewmembers). You need to pay the deposit and also the amount for preordered extras. The yacht is provided with full reservoir/tank fuel and water and is meant to be returned in the same way. During the transmission of the yacht a short instruction will take place. You need to take a look at the inventory and the condition of the yacht, afterwards you will sign an acceptance protocol. If you’ve preordered food, it will be waiting for you on board.

Saturday 9:00/9AM

The yacht must be returned at our base by Friday at 18:00/6PM and stay there for the last night. You have to refill the reservoirs/tanks with fuel and water. On Saturday at 9:00/9AM the necessary check is done, based on which recover the amount from the deposit.

In the last 24 hours of your charter you must be close enough to the base, so that you can go close to it, no matter the weather condition. If you delay (longer than an hour) to return the yacht, which will lead to complications in delivery of the boat to the next client, you must pay a fine, which is listed in the contract.

If you want to extend your stay on board, you must first contact us and check if the yacht is free for the current period and you must sign a new contract.

With every boat there is a description of what is NOT listed in the normal price. In most cases it is:

Deposit – which is being returned when you check-out;

Fuel – the yacht is being taken and returned with full reservoir/tank;

The taxes of ports and Marinas – most ports in Greece are municipal and free, but there are some private Marinas, at which you must pay a daily tax. If you would not like to have any extra expenses you always have to stop at municipal ports near the private ones;

Additional expenses – to each boat there is a list of options, which you can order additionally. The choice is made at the moment of reservation of the charter. Additional options may be a skipper, a cook/chef, a hostess, food, water sport equipment, transfer from and to an airport, renting a yacht one way, without return…

Final cleaning

Charters are fully equipped with everything needed for your stay like towels, bed sheets and basic kitchen equipment. What you need to take with yourself is your own self, medicaments (if you have some type of illness), sunscreen and provisions. Here is a list of examples:

Documents and money:
– Passport/ID/Visa;
– Voucher for the rented yacht;
– License for the yacht (if you want to operate the yacht);
– A Driver’s License (if you want to rent a car or a motorcycle on some of the islands);
– A European health card or insurance;
– We recommend you to have a combination of money in cash, credit cards and travelers’ checks. You may need to stop at any port in a small village, where you may be able to pay only in cash.

Medication and toiletries:
– If you have any kind of illness it is highly recommended to take your medication throughout the entire stay in Greece;
– First aid kit;
– Creams for and after sun;
– Preparation for and after insect bites (ne mislq che e taka no shte go izmislim);
– Shampoo, soap, lip balm…

Because you will be on board almost all the time, you don’t need much. This is what you definitely need to take with you:
– Swimsuit;
– Towels for the beach and showering;
– T-shirts;
– Shorts;
– Everyday clothes for the evenings;
– Sailing gloves;
– Deck shoes;
– Sun hat and sunglasses;
– Some hot trousers;
– A sweater;
– A wind jacket;
– Clothes for windy weather;

Other useful thing:
– Music on your phone, MP3, CD;
– 2 pic continental adapter to charge cameras, phones and etc. which you need to use outside the yacht;
– 12v charger for the boat, with which you can charge phones, laptops, cameras…;
– The plugs on the yachts are 12v.

When you buy food for your sailing, you have to keep in mind, that the storage space is not much. Enjoy the fresh fish and sea food which you find at the small village ports. At many of the places there will be shops providing you with the most necessary. Greece is famous with its bakeries, in which you can find a wide variety of bread, snacks, pastry and other sweet and salty delicious things. So buy the most basic from the very beginning:

  • Bread, butter and food preserves for breakfast;
  • Coffee, milk and sugar, as well as many oranges for juice;
  • Sausages and cheese for a quick bite or appetizer for the wine;
  • Different “κουλούρια”(simit) – salty and sweet sticks from the bakery;
  • Olive oil, salt, lemon to add taste to the salads, and also a variety of vegetables, of course;
  • Pastry, sauces, mince and other fast-prepared foods. After all you’ve came here on a vacation, not on a culinary competition…
  • Ouzo, beer, water, juices and soft drinks…

Everywhere you stop, there are small taverns, fish restaurants, Gyros and grill places. So just enjoy the fresh food and the fresh air on the coast of the sea.

If upon your arrival you don’t have time for shopping, you can send us a list with the wanted purchases and we will take care of them being on board for your sailing.

The different yachts have different fuel consumption, ranging from 3 to 7-8 litres an hour. When you choose a specific boat, we will show you what it is. Because you will sail mainly with sails, you will use the motor mainly for going in and out of ports.

Here’s an example. If your motor uses 7 litres an hour for a 7 day charter you will use it for an average of 4 hours a day, which makes about 200 litres of fuel. With the price of €1.44 a litre, the amount of expenses for fuel will be about €300.

Here’s a list of the basic expenses for a group:

  • Price for the charter – you divide it by the number of people in your crew;
  • Flight tickets, taxis and transfer;
  • Additional options (if you have stated such) – divide it by the number of people in your crew;
  • Fuel – divide it by the number of people in your crew;
  • Your personal expenses while you stop at each place.

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