Athens – Kea – Syros – Ryneia – Mykonos – Delos – Paros – Serifos – Kythnos – Athens
Athens – Kea – Syros – Ryneia – Mykonos – Delos – Paros – Naxos – Small Cyclades – Ios – Santorini – Ios- Milos – Sifnos – Serifos – Kythnos – Athens
Athens – Kea – Kythnos – Serifos – Sifnos – Milos – Kimolos – Polyegos – Folegandros – Santorini – Ios – Koufonissia – Amorgos – Iraklia – Naxos – Paros (Parikia) – Paros (Naousa) – Mykonos – Delos – Rynia – Syros – Tinos – Andros – Kea – Athens

Chose your destination

Greece is one of the places which you have to visit at least ones in your life! The beauty of this country is hard to describe with words, the place where civilization, democracy, mythology and most of the basic sciences are born. Home of four seas, thousands of islands and amazing weather, it is the dream destination for a sailing vacation. Small fishing villages, peaceful bays with houses, white houses and archaeological sights. Mild weather from April to October, blue sky, clean,clear, worm water,  diving, swimming and of course sailing will give you incredible pleasure.

The islands are famous for their colors and light, everyone of which, with it’s own character,history and culture. Every island is a unique jewel. The people are nice, open and famous with their warm hospitality. The taverns, offering the amazing tastes of  the Greek cuisine, wine and dances, will make your dinners magical.

In addition – the Greek seas are safe and safe and the distances between the coasts are short. There is a a huge variety of regions to sail , between which you can choose. For us it would be pleasure to discuss your preferences and to help you choose your route.

Imagine waking up every morning, sailing near a new island or mooring in a beautiful bay, hidden somewhere in the coast…

Imagine yourself, enjoying the delicious Greek cuisine in the old part of Athens or tasting a sip of wine on board on your yacht, while the sun disappears into the sea…