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Bachelor party on a yacht in Greece

Everybody has been to a bachelor/bachelorette party – a night club, a bar, a striptease club, a hotel…you get what I’m saying

Recently I was looking for a villa on the beach for a friend and this idea came across my mind – one week party on a yacht.

At first I was looking for something more familiar – a big villa on the beach, close to nightclubs, where the party doesn’t stop. But I came across a few obstacles – only few villas are luxurious, on the beach, close to the nightlife and can gather a dozen people. But if there are such, they’re either occupied (everything for July is reserved months in advance) or are too expensive (about 10-20,000€ per week)

Some may say “How can that be possible? Is it so expensive in Greece? Are there so few villas?”
– The short answer is No. It’s not that expensive. There are many hotels and complexes with normal prices. There are many villas too. But most of them have one, two or sometimes three bedrooms. But a single villa with 4-5 bedrooms is really rare. And in most cases it is full luxury, out of town, with incredible view and a swimming pool. It just takes your breath away.

Photo by Blue Collection

I looked up online and found which are the most recommended places for a vacation in Greece for single people. They were all spread around the islands – nightclubs, daily beach parties… life… Maybe because Greece is so boundless with its islands and coasts, nothing is heaped in one place like in other countries.

But still few islands of the Cyclades got my attention. All of them very close to each other.

What if instead of a villa or hotel rooms is rented a yacht and every night you’re on a different island, at a different party? That way there will be enough space for ten buddies, party during the night, secluded beaches during the day, wild bays… You wake up at noon, drink a frappe on deck and dive in the water to freshen up…

I started dreaming where I would’ve stopped on my bachelorette party…

I’m gathering the girls for a crazy sea adventure…

Photo by Ben Cooper

We are going to stop for a swim near Koufinisi…


Photo by Luca Conti

We will drink juice at the small streets in Mykonos….

Photo by Kostas Limitsios

We can also visit some of the boutiques there. Why not dedicate ourselves in quick shopping?

Photo by Kostas Limitsios

Mykonos is so beautiful at night…

Photo by Kostas Limitsios

The perfect place for party…

Photo by Rua

And then Paros…

Photo by The Crazy Suitcase


Photo by Magazine 18-24

…Serifos, Sifnos, Amorgos, Naxos, Antiparos…I stop thinking, let’s just leave the skipper lead us…

We should definitely go to Santorini for a day walk and a few photos…

Photo by ohhenry415

Wow, look how many people have gathered waiting for the sunset…

Photo by ohhenry415

Yummy… What do I see on that terrace…

Photo by ohhenry415

Oh I can’t stand it anymore, I’m starving… and with this diet….

I’m thinking more and more…

Should I get married? Should I not?

I better organize a party for a friend instead…


Main blog post photo by dChris

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